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What materials do we offer ?

  • On the floor:  HIPS ( Black & White),  Clear PVC,  A/S  Clear PVC- coated and impregnated,
  • A/S clear (blue tint) PETG, opaque (black) conductive HIPS, RPET,  PET, FDA HIPS.
  • What materials can we run?  Assuming we can meet or "agree to resolve" a supplier material minimum, we are able to process: HDPE, ABS, and some cross-linked formable surlyn foams. We are always looking to try new materials.That is where we find "fun & excitement" . As long as we can agree on the method and cost limits of "experimentation", we will jointly venture into trying to process almost any thermoformable material. Got imagination?
  • What custom gauges can we run ?    .0075 to .030 in rolls,   .010 to .250" sheet
  • Are there minimums?  Not if we have material "on the floor". There may be certain requirements that cause us to ask for commitments, or require a minimum purchase. We will make every effort to accommodate your need, before we talk about any type of "minimum" expense. This is our goal.



  • Our packaging engineer has drawn up a tray design. Can you use it, and will it save us money? Yes!,....well, most likely "yes". We can convert a number of popular CAD software programs to be usable by our basic program. We are very willing to review your program and design, and there is no doubt that it will speed up the process of getting us to a design that is perfect for your requirement.
  • We don't have samples of our part, but we need quotes on a tray. What can we do?
    We understand! We start the process with simple outlines -- over-all tray dimensions, number of desired cavities, and simple known dimensions. We can give a close estimate of the tray cost from that information. I
    We can estimate a tool cost using basic L x W x D cavity dimensions, and refine that if your cavity will have very specific features that relate to your part. These estimates are very close to final cost.
  • How long does it take to build a tool?  As a rule, it usually takes 4-5 weeks. As always, there are many factors that can extend, or shrink, that time frame. We like to be sure the tray will work "as expected" when you order it. That means the tooling has to be correct, so there is no "starting over". We prefer to go through a number of exchanges with you, as the tool develops on the drawing board. The quicker we do that, the easier it is to get to a building stage. Then we like to send you a prototype of the cavity, so you can actually place your part in the space and approve the fit. If you need to make a change from the original idea of the cavity, this is when we do it! Once everything is approved, it takes about 7 working days to complete the tool.
    Production of trays can take place the next day if everything else is already in the schedule.
  • What happens to the tool after the production run? We store the tool in a protective cabinet, along with samples from the run. We also keep notes on the performance of the tool during production.
  • We approved the tray and used it, but now our part shape has changed.
    Do we need a new tool?

    Perhaps that would be best, but every effort will be made to try and utilize the existing tool, and simply modify it. Because we can re-enter the original tool CAD program, it might actually be less expensive to build a new "tray profile" to mount on your existing mold base. We usually try to offer as many options to you as possible, balancing the cost factors with the performance needs.
  • We're a small company, and we don't have an "engineer". Can you work with us?
    Of course! Our customers know a lot about their business, but not many know about ours. It's all about communications. We'll go "back & forth" with you as often as needed, until you are confident that your tray is just what you want. We send you 3-D drawings so you can see the appearance of your tray, and we use prototypes of the questionable areas to let you try the actual fit. We want our customers to feel comfortable working with us, and not be hesitant to ask questions.


  • I want to change the material. Can I still use my existing tool? Yes. However, property differences between materials may effect  the flow of plastic around and into cavities. That may create thinning or strength issues in some areas. Changing a gauge is a different matter, and the results can be discussed, or "sampled".
  • Do you have any "stock" tools, so I don't have to buy a tool? YES! We have a lot of them! Give us some information on your part size, how many parts you want to put into a tray,  any limits you have on the tray size, and how you intend to use the tray. We'll see what we have that will give you an acceptable tray for your requirement.
  • My tray use will be constant, but I don't have a lot of storage space at my facility. We have a number of programs to deal with this situation. We offer "make & hold", JIT, and "inventory drawdown & replace".
    Let's talk, and  find a solution to your tray scheduling need.

Have a question of your own? E-mail or call us, and let's talk!




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