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Let's face it,...........
for some, tooling cost is the first obstacle to having a good tray for your requirement.
To us, it's the way we make sure your tray is the perfect tray.

LOW COST!!   In-house design and construction of forming tools, tool revisions, tool repairs! 

Frequently,  it is the cost of tooling that forces design concessions, and gives you an "acceptable" tray,
but not the one that works the best.
Will your customer be forced to work around these concessions?

We understand your cost concerns, and have worked hard to
find a way to keep this area available to all, and to provide our customers with
as many options as possible --- not just expense options, but more importantly, design options.

The most important part of the tooling process is actually "talking" about it.
We start with letting you tell us what the purpose of your tray is going to be.
It's not always just "to ship my product in". The main requirement may be to protect an element
of your part, or to provide quick visual confirmation of the quantity, or quality, of the parts you are shipping.
Perhaps it's to arrange component parts in the order of assembly. It might be just a device to
enhance the presentation of your product. Whatever the reason for your tray, tooling will be instrumental in
determining the effectiveness of the tray, and that's why we "talk about it".

We begin with basic concepts, and once we are in agreement on the best design,
we work up some cost figures. This gives you an idea of the expense, so we can proceed to
make the tray "perfect" for your requirement, and your budget.

We use the latest CAD software to design your tray. We send you changes in "picture" format, so there is no question what your tray will look like.

We utilize the latest CAD/CAM software programs to design our tools,
and are in constant communication with you to be sure the design process creates the best  finished product.
We send you "picture quality" drawings in the initial stages.
Then, we build prototypes, and send you formed pieces to physically check your part fit, to be sure
there are no surprises when you get to the packaging point.
All of this is done BEFORE we build the tool. There will not be any surprises when you receive your
first shipment of trays. Your parts will fit, and your tray will do it's job.

Realistic "pictures" give you a clear idea of the tool or tray appearance.
 Let us HELP YOU solve your packaging problems!

     The finished tray is just what you expected it to be!


Please, talk with us about your tooling costs and construction concerns.
It is our goal to make trays for you, so we'll try our best to resolve the "tooling cost" issue!

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